Description of the Messaging System
This is a Messaging System with features such as Inbox, Sent box, Draft and Trash box with design and functionality similar to that of Gmail and programming languages used are Ajax/Jquery, PHP, CSS, HTML

It's a plug and play system that all you need to do are to open a config.php file that comes with the messaging system to set up your database connection details and your website link and include the required JavaScript and CSS links on your web page where you want to show the messaging system and pass the username of your website users who may have logged into the site to a javascript function that loads the messaging system unto the page as specified below and you are set to start using the system

<script> $(function() { load_messaging_system('<?php echo $username; ?>'); }); </script>

The system will come with a README.txt file that explains these things to you again.
Demo Users Accounts
To login as any of the users listed below, please click on a user of your choice below after which you will be taken to the messaging or conversation page to enable you demo the system.
To compose a new message, simply click on the Compose button at the messaging page and type in a letter or two then wait for the system to suggest names that you can click on to message that person.
Note: all the listed users below are already existing in the users table at the database.
(1) Victor Olu
(2) Robinson Geouge
(3) Margaret Mark
(4) Kenneth Joe
(5) Grace Chung
(6) Elizabeth Greg
(7) Williams Afred
(8) Abraham Great
(9) Kevin Trumps
(10) Patricia Jones